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Ali Hood: Action-Adventure Game for iOS and Android

Beirut, February 26, 2013 — Lebanese Gamabox studio launches “Ali Hood", an Arabic action adventure game. Ali Hood is a mix of the two legendary thieves: Ali Baba and Robin Hood; however, Ali Hood’s aim is noble; he takes from the corrupted governor to give to the poor. The game is now available for iPhone, iPad and Android for $1.99.

Making justice rule is not an easy task, but nothing is impossible for Ali Hood. The adventure starts in the desert where he learns to master his magic carpet and shoot his first arrows. Then, he travels to the mysterious land of Zalqa and Hamra to take gold from tax collectors and distribute it to the poor, free innocent prisoners and finally invade the palace to try to overthrow the bad governor.

Many different skills are necessary to play the hero: fighting, puzzle solving, reflex, stealth and resource management. Players will have to ally with their environment, using everything from clouds to flower pots as tools or weapons.

The graphics are completely hand drawn using traditional watercolor techniques, giving it a very distinguishable artistic style. In addition, a modern oriental music accompanies the player through his adventure and the sounds recorded by the team will crack him up with funny voice overs and hilarious zaghroutas.

The game was created for the Arabic audience: the language, the story, the characters and the music will all immerse the player into a Middle-Eastern universe.

Ali Hood’s message is filled with hope. He is just a kid, small and weak. But he shows us that determination is the key and that great things can be achieved if you put your heart into them.

Gamabox studio is a bit like its hero, a small team of three people who had to face difficulties in their country: power cuts, poor internet, lack of funding, insecurity… But they worked hard, with passion and patience. Finally, after one year, they hopefully managed to achieve their goal: a product that every Arab should be proud of.

Other interesting facts:

Ali Hood is not the team’s first game. They already co-authored the iPhone game Birdy Nam Nam in 2011. The game was a great success in the Arab world and counted more than 1.5 million downloads around the world.

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